When should my kid take the SAT?

planning for parents Mar 17, 2018

Hi Parents.

I’m not going to hold anything back here. I’m going to share with you everything you need to know in order to ensure your student’s success—and your sanity—on the SAT.

Here we go.


One of the most common questions I get asked is, “When should my kid take the SAT?”

Here’s the best timeline that I’ve found almost across the board. Sure there are always exceptions. Some students are massively ahead of the game and are ready for the SAT during their sophomore year. Others were late getting started and are taking the SAT for the first time during their senior year. That’s okay. No one should ever panic because they somehow did it wrong. That will just make everything unnecessarily stressful and probably lower your scores come test day.

Sophomore year:

I rarely recommend that sophomores take the official SAT…although I HEARTILY recommend that they relaxedly start their test prep process. There’s...

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How to Make Your Student's SAT Prep Actually Count -- 5 Principles Your Student Must Follow

mindset practice sat Jan 12, 2018

A quick note: This post is mostly for parents, so that you can know how to best guide your students toward conquering the SAT. But it's written to students...a) because it's easier to write that way and b) so you can give it to them :) Here goes...

In order to get your best possible score on the SAT, you have to practice. Hands down. There is no other alternative. You can watch all the videos, enroll in the best online courses, read the best books…and that’s all great and wonderful. 

But until you put your pencil to your practice tests, you won’t actually GET it. 

You may know it. You may understand it. But you won’t actually GET it. So if you’re already getting ready for the test and you have 2, hopefully 3 months until test day…awesome. You have some time to practice—to learn and then use what you learn.

If you are crunched for time and have a month or less before the test, then learn what you can, absolutely. But please...

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How to Raise Your Student's SAT Score...Without a Single Strategy

mindset sat Dec 06, 2017

Most parents, when they come to me looking for SAT help, are initially looking for something simple, quick, and formulaic. And it’s totally understandable. Why not? The SAT is a test right? You study the material, you ace the test. 

That’s how it was in school, at least. If you have a biology test coming up soon on genes and DNA and Punnet squares, then you go home and memorize the heck out of that stuff and show up the next day ready to splosh all of your newfound knowledge all over the page.

Similarly, most parents in your shoes are looking for someone to help their son or daughter cram all of the knowledge they need into their head so that they can turn around and once again splosh it all over the page.

But I have a secret for you:

Most of the knowledge your daughter needs is already in her mind.

She’s already learned it. Sure, there are some exceptions out there, but for the most part, most students by the time they reach junior year have already learned...

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