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Hi Parents! The Fall 2018 college app season is upon us :) Let's get you ready for the SAT.

While seniors are the ones who especially feel the college crunch right about now, sophomores and juniors will also benefit hugely from the Conquer the Test SAT Masterclass. Welcome!

Thank you for this privilege.

I'm Matt Hallock, Lead SAT Conqueror, Teacher, and someone who believes wholeheartedly in your students and the AMAZING potential God has put inside of them. And with Conquer the Test, my vision is simple: To bring your family confidence, peace, and a wide-open future by mentoring your student to SAT Conqueror-ship.


If you and your student to join our crew of overcomers, you'll get...

  • Lifetime access to the entire online course, which consists of 60+ instructional videos with powerpoint and downloadable worksheets to keep your student focused :)
    • 7 Lessons to build your student's mindset and fill them with confidence in who God made them to be and the potential he's given them.
    • 8 Lessons on conquering the SAT Reading section, with walk-through examples of every phase of the battle plan
    • 18 Lessons on conquering the SAT Math section, with specific solving strategies and example walk-throughs
    • 13 Lessons on conquering the SAT Writing section, breaking down how to attack every type of question (grammar and non-grammar alike)
    • 15 Lessons on SAT Grammar concepts (fun, fun)
    • 9 Lessons on writing a primo top-notch essay.
  • Email access to me for guided support.
  • PLUS a 14-day money back (no questions asked) guarantee.

My number one goal is to serve you and your student with the BEST possible instruction I can give. I'm very confident in what I can bring to the table, but if you feel it's not a good fit, let me know within 14 days and I'll be happy to refund you with the best of feelings.


Your Online SAT Masterclass gets your student fully ready to conquer. We'll cover...

How a single mindset shift will boost your student's scores

In Module 1, your students will learn:

  • The single biggest shift they need to eliminate test anxiety. Plus, 2 practical tactics they can use any time they feel it coming back.
  • How they've been looking at the SAT all wrong and the surprising truth that will put them back in the driver's seat.
  • The 4 Pillars of a powerful SAT attack plan.
  • Why their default way of thinking could actually hurt their SAT score.

How to Conquer SAT Reading

In Module 2, we'll go over:

  • The most powerful 3-phase system for conquering the Reading section.
  • The 3 types of questions students must be able to identify.
  • 7 essential tactics for understanding the passage...including only 3 things they need to look for while they read.
  • The simple, but reliable 5-step process for tackling every reading question.

How to Conquer SAT Math

In Module 3, your students will be equipped with:

  • 1 Powerful strategy that will unlock every math question.
  • 13+ specific problem solving strategies that are crucial for conquering the Math.
  • A single fundamental perspective shift that will totally change the way they think about SAT math.

How to Conquer SAT Writing and Language (the multiple choice, not the essay)

Modules 4 and 5 will teach students:

  • The 3-phase battle plan to use for every writing question.
  • 11 must-know strategies that demystify specific question types.
  • The only 17 grammar lessons they'll ever need to know for the SAT.

How to Conquer the SAT Essay

Module 6 is all about:

  • The 4 things your students should look for in the passage.
  • The single most important section of their essay.
  • A simple structure that puts them on track for a high score.

A Look Inside the Online Course


I want you to be confident.

So I'm giving you the entire course, including office hours and email access, for a whole month. That means, you could theoretically complete the entire course all before you pay me anything.

Once your trial is over, you are also free to cancel at anytime before your 5 payments are up. 'Cause I'm just that generous :)


Use the coupon code 30DAYTRIAL on the checkout page to claim your free trial.

5 Payments of


per month for 5 months

--Lifetime access

--60+ instructional videos covering EVERY section of the test

--Email access to Matt

--Use the entire course for a whole month...FREE
(using coupon code at checkout)


"Yes, I think I’m definitely keeping up with the coursework, and the strategies we’ve discussed so far have been incredibly helpful for both time management and cutting down avoidable mistakes that I believe have been responsible for the wrecking of my scores in the past. So far I’m finding the class to be very helpful to me; from the practical instruction to the structure it provides, I’m glad I decided to take it. I cannot say how valuable it is to me to have direct instruction from someone who genuinely cares for us as students and people, and I thank you for that."

MVC Student

"So far I am really enjoying your class and getting a lot out of it. Thank you for all you’ve done so far, this class is 100% worth it. "

B. N.

"I learned so much from Matt. Absolutely the best tutor I have ever had. He helped me to jump my SAT score from a 1440 to a 1860! His sessions were well planned and he provided lots of great study materials. Also, my writing and reading skills increased considerably. Thank you so much Matt!"


"Matt tutored my daughter. He is a fabulous tutor as well as a very nice person. It was a great experience for my daughter and she increased her total SAT score by 190 points. "


"What a pleasure it has been to watch Matt at work with our son! He is so impressive and knowledgeable. We interviewed 4 different tutors while looking for an instructor to help our son with the SATs. After all the interviews, my son and husband looked at me and said, “there is no comparison, no question.... Matt Hallock is the one”. His process for teaching the SAT test was very specific, with individual needs being addressed with each step. Matt was responsible and reliable and worked very well with our son. I would recommend Matt to ANY student or level. My son’s score increased by nearly 300 points!! THANK YOU MATT!! "

M. P.

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Use the coupon code 30DAYTRIAL on the checkout page to claim your free trial.

5 Payments of


per month for 5 months

--Lifetime access

--60+ instructional videos covering EVERY section of the test

--Email access to Matt

--Use the entire course for a whole month...FREE
(using coupon code at checkout)


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